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First let me start by saying: Vinho Verde is a region, not a wine style. When talking about the wines of Vinho Verde more often than not you hear people go "Vinho Verde? That fizzy plonk from Northern Portugal?" - and it makes me want to punch people in the face. Sure, Vinho Verde is known to produce this fizzy spritzer-like crap and it does seem to be quite popular even to this day.

And to be honest I don't mind. But one thing people should know about Vinho Verde is that it's a big wine region. In fact it's one of the biggest in Europe. That combined with a bunch of great indigenous grape varieties makes the region a fertile ground for new wine projects, such as Quinta de Covela. The estate itself and its wines are not new but through a series of, shall we say "incidents", it is now being reborn.

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