Covela's organic Escolha Branco Wins Mundus Vini Gold Medal


Covela Escolha Branco 2012 won a gold medal in the 2013 Mundus Vini Concours for organic wines, Biofach. Held in Germany, Biofach is one of the most important European competitions for organic wines and  attracts competitors from wine-producing regions from all over the world.

 The  “Mundus Vini BioFach International Organic Wine Award”  is a concours held annually in Germany and is open to wines from all ofver the world. The aim of the competition is to promote the quality of production of organic wine, and a Biofach medal is seen by producers and enologists as an international recognition of their efforts in organic produciont in their vineyards and wineries.At the same time, the awards serve as a barometer of the quality of the wines, providing consumers with a basis for evaluation at the moment of purchase.

The wines in concours are tasted by the standards set out by theInternational Oenologists' Association and the Internaional Organisation of Vine and Wine. The tasting commission is made up of five to seven tasters.

Being one of the most important organic wine competitions in the world, Biofach is closely watched and covered by the media. More information on Covela Escolha Branco and other winners on the Internet site.


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